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Data Privacy Statement
We have great interest in the secure processing of information and the corresponding careful use of personal information and processes. Due to the rapid development of information technologies and the growing dangers with regard to cyber crime, we want to accomodate the increased security demands of persons and companies. Safeguarding of confidentiality and personal rights is our express intent. We would therefore like to explain to visitors of our site how we assure confidentiality of your personal information and how we respect your personal rights.

Validity of the Data Privacy Statement
This Data Privacy Statement is valid for our internet presence under

Our web pages may contain links to third-party companies, to which our Data Privacy Statement does not refer, i.e. data which is transmitted via browser/internet technologies beyond our control.

Your visit to our site is recorded. We register the currently used IP-address of your PC as well as the date, time, browser type, your operating system and the web pages you visit. We cannot gain access to your personal information, nor can we establish personal surfing- or similar profiles that you may have established and/or processed.


Cookies are small data sets which are deposited onto the PC of internet users. They are used to control the connection between you and our web pages during your visit. They contain purely technical and no personal information. You can, of course, deny this type of data storage by configuring your browser accordingly; there is no loss of functionality, merely some possible loss of user comfort.

Use of Personal Data
Personal data is only stored if you submit this voluntarily via the placement of an order. Any further processing of this data provided by you will be done strictly in accordance with the intended purpose.

You can rescind the use of personal data you submitted at any time. We guarantee that we will not pass your data to any thrid parties, unless legally required, or unless we receive your consent. Inasmuch as we engage outside service partners to process your order, we will abide by the provisions of the German Data Protection Law.
Confidentiality of Your Personal Data is Assured by:
The obligation of all employees to pledge secrecy in accordance with the German Data Protection Law (BDSG).

Continuous maintenance, monitoring and adjustment of the technical security provisions of our data processing equipment and the corresponding organizational measures.

Quality control inspections of our data protection policies.

Informational Rights
You have the right to inquire and receive access to any personal information which we have stored on you. You also have the right to have false information corrected or removed completely, if no longer needed, unless a legal requirement forces the storage of such information. However, in such case you have the right to have your data blocked.

Update of the Data Privacy Statement
If we implement/introduce new products and services, if we change the internet processing, or if we further develop/extend our internet- and IT-security-technology, this Data Privay Statement will be updated.

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